I understand why most critics giving Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close bad reviews. I know how odd and peculiar the story and (specially) Oskar are. If you’re familiar with Foer’s novels, you’d know that they are always that quirky (see Everything Is Illuminated which has been also adapted to the big screen played by Elijah Wood — Trust me, it was way weirder). So, you can’t really blame it on the story. To me, it was a decent adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer’s work. They didn’t left anything important out, even though I expected more of Foer’s original lines in the screenplay and some of the sub-stories that didn’t make it into the film. Essentially, I am quite content with how it turned out. It was just as heartfelt as when I read the book. Also, I couldn’t really complain on Max Von Sydow playing as Oskar’s grandfather. It couldn’t get any better. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close couldn’t get any more honest than it already is.

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