SILENCE (2016)


“I feel so tempted. I feel so tempted to despair. I’m afraid, the wait of Your silence is terrible. I pray but I’m lost, or am I just praying to nothing? Nothing. Because You’re not there.”

SILENCE illustrates the spiritual dilemma and emotional struggle of belief and doubt. How far one could withstand suffering? How much sacrifice could one spare for the sake of their faith? Which by its definition is a thing only you can answer.

The cinematography is admirable beyond anything. Well-thought framing. Beautiful perspective shots. One of the main reasons I patiently waited for the film.

Ultimately, as Martin Scorsese defines it: “SILENCE is the story of a man who learns so painfully that God’s love is more mysterious than he knows, that He leaves much more to the ways of men than we realize, and that He is always present … even in His silence.”

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