A young professor claims he’s a Cro-Magnon who survived 14,000 years of living in front of his fellow academics ranging from a biologist, anthropologist, archaeologist, historian, Christian literary scholar, and psychiatrist. Their impromptu farewell party turns into a Q & A of history, philosophy, logic, science, and religion that makes them question his validity and…

INSIDE [À l’intérieur] (2007)

This is the worst movie a woman could ever watch. Actually, women, do not watch this. Unless you’re not planning to get pregnant ever then DO NOT WATCH THIS. I am dead serious. Technicality-wise, the giallo feel is strong on this one. Never seen a modern horror using this style. So, it’s cool seeing it these days….

12 ANGRY MEN (1957)

Who would’ve known watching 12 people arguing for hours over a murder would give you a cold sweat. A very well-executed, cleverly written locked room suspense.

DEAD SNOW [Død snø] (2009)

It has every horror movie cliché, terrible acting, and ridiculous Nazi zombie (I’ve seen way better Nazi zombies). The only wonderful thing is that they’re paying homage to classic splatters like Evil Dead and Peter Jackson’s Braindead (kudos to the t-shirt).

EDEN LAKE (2008)

Extremely well performance by (at the time) “not yet known” Michael Fassbender, as well as Kelly Riley. Upsetting. Revolting. Even after the (depressing) ending, Eden Lake will leave you infuriated, emotionally spent, and a throbbing headache. Kudos to the suspenseful direction by James Watkins (The Woman in Black). Chill to the bone.