Never-before-seen perspective of J.F.K assassination tragedy¬†viewed from Jackie Kennedy, the Secret Service, FBI, Parkland doctors who treated him, the man who recorded the incident, and the Oswald family. A heartrending narrative of how one of America’s greatest losses changed their lives forever.


A nonstop claustrophobic thrill ride from the beginning until the end. Oscar quality acting from Tom Hanks once more. Let’s not forget all Somalian actors who perfectly scared the hell of everyone on board. Personal pick for Film of the Year.


The humanity and social issues are strong with this one. Came to see Snowpiercer with no expectation at all, had no slightest idea what the story would be, and hell I didn’t even know it’s futuristic. Maybe that’s why it’s so enjoyable. Ignorance is bliss. Of course it’s not without faults. In fact, there were…

GRAVITY (2013)

Let’s not talking about the visual. Because DUH. Space nerd in me kept having a seizure. Truth is, I am more touched than thrilled. The “suspense” did not overwhelm me. The “sentiment” did. I notice plenty of symbolism. Stone floating and curled up in fetal position. You can even see the “umbilical cord”. Comfort. Safe….


While you get to take a closer look at his inner conflict and see the human inside the beast better than the Origins, The Wolverine suffers from tedious villains and supporting characters. I could care less about these people.


I don’t know what critics are complaining about. Just because it’s not as scary as the first one? Rubbish. Chapter 2 brings a closure that I thought I didn’t need but hey now it completely made sense. It needed to happen. You need to see (or at least remember) the first one because they interlinked…

EVIL DEAD (2013)

Lacking depth in its story, this one solely went on a full gore frenzy. “The most terrifying film you will ever experience” is a bit overblown don’t you think?