It started off with a promising premise, until the plot went all over the place. It’s like the writer couldn’t make up his mind, then completely rebuilt the story at the last minute.  I know it’s supposed to be a ‘plot twist’ some sort. Well, it gets twisted severely it breaks the story. I’m sorry, a cold shoulder is all I can give. Even with strong performances such as from Michael C. Hall, Sam Shepard, and Don Johnson weren’t enough to bring back Summer this July.



UNDER THE SKIN is unsettling in a veeeeeeery weird way. If you’re into artsy, peculiar, out of this world (no pun intended) sci-fi horror, you should check it out and be utterly mystified. ScarJo’s performance is wowzer! And the scores perfectly blend with the cold, dark, and empty ambience. Chilling.

PS: You might need a Scottish translator.


Maleficent (2014)

Remember, this is made by Disney. So you shouldn’t be surprised if they tone it down since it appears they target younger audience unlike SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN that decided to go to a darker path.

As a result, MALEFICENT becomes a much heartwarming tale than it’s supposed to be, but I LOVED it. I understand why audience dislike this version as it deviates way further from the original story. A total reconstruction, as a matter of fact. But this version feels closer to real life than fairy bullshit tale of yore.

They give MALEFICENT a back story why she does what she does. Villains become a villain isn’t always because they’re heartless pure evil from birth. There’s always a why, and you’ll feel sorry for her. (we’ve actually seen several kids flicks that root in the same idea)

And most importantly, once again, Disney did it right with the “true love” thingy since FROZEN. I tip my hat to that.

Overall, the idea works really well for me, probably have some minor issues. Story could’ve been developed better. There wasn’t enough oomph.

One thing for sure, you just can’t look away from DAT GLORIOUS FACE THAT IS ANGELINA JOLIE. Dayum woman looks smokin’ as hell. She owns it. No one can steal her thunder with that face and dashing performance.

ENEMY (2014)

Enemy (2014)

This just fell straight into “movies with WTF ending” category a.k.a “HUH?? *sigh* hang on a second, let me Google the explanation”.

That being said, ENEMY has the craziest cryptid — I mean cryptic brain-twisting final shot a film enthusiast could not even see it coming.

OCULUS (2014)

Oculus (2014)

I thought Oculus would be your mediocre oh-look-a-cursed-mirror-let’s-kill-the-demon-inside kind of supernatural horror. Turned out it gave more than I expected. There’s a strong influence from Stephen King’s The Shining and 1408, as I see it. And I suppose that’s an enough hint to imagine the gist of the film.

There’s of course hit-and-miss. Liking the clever direction on the two storylines. Disliking the tacky ghosts and predictable jump scares.

If you’re in it for a fright, well, it ain’t Sinister, The Conjuring, or Insidious. But if you’re in for the smoke and mirrors, Oculus is a trip to a mind-bending labyrinth of delirium.

PS: I’ll be patiently waiting for the sequel. 😉


X-Men : Days of Future Past (2014)

I do not have any complaints. This hardly ever happened.
Days of Future Past exceeds my expectation. And trust me, expectation was pretty high considering the marketing hype.

First off, I might have underestimated Quicksilver. But oh boy, with not much of screen time, Evan Peters nailing it pretty damn good. In fact, I can say many of the greatest bits have Quicksilver in it. He is a scene stealer. Even when Wolverine, Professor X, Magneto are ALL in the room.

I remember McAvoy saying Days of Future Past is better than The Avengers, well they both are VERY different. No brainer all-out badassery with lots of cool stuff? You go for The Avengers. If you wanna see something that has more depth, character-driven, and sentiment, Days Of Future Past is the one to go to.

It is safe to say, Days of Future Past is the strongest installment of the X-Men franchise. I can’t be any happier if it ends here. It’s a perfect closure. Almost too good to be true. But then again, we’ll be getting X-Men : Apocalypse, in which I am most definitely excited for.