WIDOWS (2018)

Plenty of awesome stuff in WIDOWS. Brilliant camera works, strong performances, intense scoring, and so many social commentary in one film from prejudice, police brutality, political corruption, America’s love for guns, gender bias, to female empowerment. Elizabeth Debicki is such an under-appreciated actress. Daniel Kaluuya can pull off a damn good villain. Just a heads…


It started off with a promising premise, until the plot went all over the place. It’s like the writer couldn’t make up his mind, then completely rebuilt the story at the last minute.  I know it’s supposed to be a ‘plot twist’ some sort. Well, it gets twisted severely it breaks the story. I’m sorry,…

12 ANGRY MEN (1957)

Who would’ve known watching 12 people arguing for hours over a murder would give you a cold sweat. A very well-executed, cleverly written locked room suspense.


DiCaprio’s most impressive performance. Raunchy, bold, The Wolf of Wall Street is Catch Me If You Can on crack. Hell lots of them.


Two cash-deprived friends offered by filthy rich strangers to perform a grisly home entertainment. Cheap Thrills is gruesome as well as comical. A spanking fresh dark comedy.


Is it horror? Is it thriller? Nooo.. it’s British dark comedy! This is the weirdest love story and most dysfunctional couple in the history of British film-making (or ever). Yup, it’s definitely fresh.

TAKEN 2 (2012)

A total crapabonanza. A waste of a terrific actor. Travel tips : Always pack a case full of grenades in case of abduction.