“Any human being, no matter who they are or which side they’re on, if they need our help, it’s our duty to save them.”

The White Helmets is a group of voluntary rescue workers who put their lives on the line to save civilians between the rubbles of Syria.

I guess I understand why this won the Best Documentary Short Subject at the Oscars 2017. This documentary starts with heartbreak yet ends with hope.

A heartfelt display of selflessness, courage, and love in the havoc of war.

“I’m willing to sacrifice my soul for the sake of the people. This job is sacred.”


Parkland (2013)

Never-before-seen perspective of J.F.K assassination tragedy¬†viewed from Jackie Kennedy, the Secret Service, FBI, Parkland doctors who treated him, the man who recorded the incident, and the Oswald family. A heartrending narrative of how one of America’s greatest losses changed their lives forever.

LIFE IN A DAY (2011)

Everything is captured beautifully in this 90 minutes of heart-warming and sometimes heavy-hearted life sequences from people around the world on love, fear, gratitude, antipathy, in one day from their own point of view. This film feels so honest, humane, and most of all it shows how real a life can be.