SILENCE (2016)


“I feel so tempted. I feel so tempted to despair. I’m afraid, the wait of Your silence is terrible. I pray but I’m lost, or am I just praying to nothing? Nothing. Because You’re not there.”

SILENCE illustrates the spiritual dilemma and emotional struggle of belief and doubt. How far one could withstand suffering? How much sacrifice could one spare for the sake of their faith? Which by its definition is a thing only you can answer.

The cinematography is admirable beyond anything. Well-thought framing. Beautiful perspective shots. One of the main reasons I patiently waited for the film.

Ultimately, as Martin Scorsese defines it: “SILENCE is the story of a man who learns so painfully that God’s love is more mysterious than he knows, that He leaves much more to the ways of men than we realize, and that He is always present … even in His silence.”


“In peace, a son buries his father. In war, a father buries his son.”

What I admire about war films is it’s never about the war itself. It’s always about the humanity, patriotism, courage — and this time, Mel Gibson’s directorial comeback (it’s been 10 years!) proven to be a solid victory with its portrayal of faith put as the spotlight.

Desmond Doss played by Andrew Garfield (who gives his finest performance) wrestles with his belief not to bear arms in the violence of war, and yet ultimately saves 75 lives.

Hacksaw Ridge is a remarkable visual narrative of inner struggle when man’s religious conscience conflicted with his duty and the safety of his band of brothers. Will he stand on his ground?

An honest illustration of the brutality of war and the unyielding faith of a man.


Parkland (2013)

Never-before-seen perspective of J.F.K assassination tragedy viewed from Jackie Kennedy, the Secret Service, FBI, Parkland doctors who treated him, the man who recorded the incident, and the Oswald family. A heartrending narrative of how one of America’s greatest losses changed their lives forever.

WAR HORSE (2012)

Despite of being a tiresome 2 hour sit through, I was surprised I didn’t fall asleep. Kudos to Spielberg for keeping the dialogue short and crisp. However, even though I’ve had my heart dissolved in tears in some scenes, War Horse isn’t that extraordinary, sadly. Nevertheless, it’s still a heart-warming adventure of destiny I did enjoy watching. War Horse did justice on depicting fate through every stomp of Joey’s journey.