IT (2017)

I don’t read the book, but I’m a huge fan of the 1990 adaptation and I can say this 2017 version is awesomely unsettling. Different kind of unsettling unlike when you watch supernatural horror with jump scares such as Conjuring/Insidious, this one is seeing your worst nightmares literally come to life. What I like most…


Last time I checked, Annabelle Creation was 98% on Rotten Tomatoes now down to 83%. I agree with the latter score. It’s not excellent, but it’s pretty great. Few of the scares look familiar from horrors like The Autopsy of Jane Doe and Paranormal Activity, so that comes off a little bit cliché. However, some…


A fun blood-splattered young adult horror comedy. Deathgasm is the heavy metal rendition of Evil Dead and Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive/Braindead.


Turns out Annabelle feels closer to Insidious than The Conjuring. What I love from this franchise is that it’s one of the few horrors that takes cinematography seriously! The camera work that is crucial to this scare jump-type of horror movie is just as effective as its predecessors. Basically, Annabelle uses the same scare formula…


UNDER THE SKIN is unsettling in a veeeeeeery weird way. If you’re into artsy, peculiar, out of this world (no pun intended) sci-fi horror, you should check it out and be utterly mystified. ScarJo’s performance is wowzer! And the scores perfectly blend with the cold, dark, and empty ambience. Chilling. PS: You might need a…

OCULUS (2014)

I thought Oculus would be your mediocre oh-look-a-cursed-mirror-let’s-kill-the-demon-inside kind of supernatural horror. Turned out it gave more than I expected. There’s a strong influence from Stephen King’s The Shining and 1408, as I see it. And I suppose that’s an enough hint to imagine the gist of the film. There’s of course hit-and-miss. Liking the…

INSIDE [À l’intérieur] (2007)

This is the worst movie a woman could ever watch. Actually, women, do not watch this. Unless you’re not planning to get pregnant ever then DO NOT WATCH THIS. I am dead serious. Technicality-wise, the giallo feel is strong on this one. Never seen a modern horror using this style. So, it’s cool seeing it these days….


Two cash-deprived friends offered by filthy rich strangers to perform a grisly home entertainment. Cheap Thrills is gruesome as well as comical. A spanking fresh dark comedy.


Steampunk Nazi zombies? Yep, the greatest zombie flick you’ve been waiting for. The creature designs are INSANE. Those are what nightmares made of.

DEAD SNOW [Død snø] (2009)

It has every horror movie cliché, terrible acting, and ridiculous Nazi zombie (I’ve seen way better Nazi zombies). The only wonderful thing is that they’re paying homage to classic splatters like Evil Dead and Peter Jackson’s Braindead (kudos to the t-shirt).


Is it horror? Is it thriller? Nooo.. it’s British dark comedy! This is the weirdest love story and most dysfunctional couple in the history of British film-making (or ever). Yup, it’s definitely fresh.


I don’t know what critics are complaining about. Just because it’s not as scary as the first one? Rubbish. Chapter 2 brings a closure that I thought I didn’t need but hey now it completely made sense. It needed to happen. You need to see (or at least remember) the first one because they interlinked…