A young professor claims he’s a Cro-Magnon who survived 14,000 years of living in front of his fellow academics ranging from a biologist, anthropologist, archaeologist, historian, Christian literary scholar, and psychiatrist. Their impromptu farewell party turns into a Q & A of history, philosophy, logic, science, and religion that makes them question his validity and sanity.

Ain’t that an amazing premise??!

Ok, this intellectual sci-fi comes from a really really well-written screenplay. I also like that it’s a one room setting, so the focus is centered on their discussion. Though the production value, directing, and acting aren’t in the best quality, this film deserves a view by the script only.


Never had I thought Interstellar came with a prerequisite. While the gist of the story is pretty much straightforward and simple (yes, it is), the screenplay weighs too heavily on scientific terms and theories. It isn’t providing answers, just evoking more questions (typical Nolan). It is great to have rocket science in a movie, but general audience would surely have difficulties comprehending wtf is going on. It will certainly make a lot of sense if you know basic astrophysics because Interstellar is mind-bending in a singularity level.



UNDER THE SKIN is unsettling in a veeeeeeery weird way. If you’re into artsy, peculiar, out of this world (no pun intended) sci-fi horror, you should check it out and be utterly mystified. ScarJo’s performance is wowzer! And the scores perfectly blend with the cold, dark, and empty ambience. Chilling.

PS: You might need a Scottish translator.


X-Men : Days of Future Past (2014)

I do not have any complaints. This hardly ever happened.
Days of Future Past exceeds my expectation. And trust me, expectation was pretty high considering the marketing hype.

First off, I might have underestimated Quicksilver. But oh boy, with not much of screen time, Evan Peters nailing it pretty damn good. In fact, I can say many of the greatest bits have Quicksilver in it. He is a scene stealer. Even when Wolverine, Professor X, Magneto are ALL in the room.

I remember McAvoy saying Days of Future Past is better than The Avengers, well they both are VERY different. No brainer all-out badassery with lots of cool stuff? You go for The Avengers. If you wanna see something that has more depth, character-driven, and sentiment, Days Of Future Past is the one to go to.

It is safe to say, Days of Future Past is the strongest installment of the X-Men franchise. I can’t be any happier if it ends here. It’s a perfect closure. Almost too good to be true. But then again, we’ll be getting X-Men : Apocalypse, in which I am most definitely excited for.


Snowpiercer (2013)

The humanity and social issues are strong with this one.

Came to see Snowpiercer with no expectation at all, had no slightest idea what the story would be, and hell I didn’t even know it’s futuristic. Maybe that’s why it’s so enjoyable. Ignorance is bliss.

Of course it’s not without faults. In fact, there were so many plot holes and things felt forced here and there. But I’m glad that overall it’s a thrill ride, not a train wreck.

Highlights: Tilda Swinton’s comic relief was simply a barrel of fun. Also, cool uses of light and shadow. Me likey the cinematographey. And the scores. I knew when I first saw Marco Beltrami’s name in the opening credit, it’s gonna be intense!

GRAVITY (2013)

Gravity (2013)

Let’s not talking about the visual. Because DUH. Space nerd in me kept having a seizure. Truth is, I am more touched than thrilled. The “suspense” did not overwhelm me. The “sentiment” did.

I notice plenty of symbolism. Stone floating and curled up in fetal position. You can even see the “umbilical cord”. Comfort. Safe. Birth. Life.

As well as the ending. Transformation. Evolution. Second chance.