Never had I thought Interstellar came with a prerequisite. While the gist of the story is pretty much straightforward and simple (yes, it is), the screenplay weighs too heavily on scientific terms and theories. It isn’t providing answers, just evoking more questions (typical Nolan). It is great to have rocket science in a movie, but general audience would surely have difficulties comprehending wtf is going on. It will certainly make a lot of sense if you know basic astrophysics because Interstellar is mind-bending in a singularity level.


Turns out Annabelle feels closer to Insidious than The Conjuring. What I love from this franchise is that it’s one of the few horrors that takes cinematography seriously! The camera work that is crucial to this scare jump-type of horror movie is just as effective as its predecessors.

Basically, Annabelle uses the same scare formula but with more horror clichés, unfortunately (or is it deliberately paying homage to classic and modern horror?). And it is more entertaining than scary, to be honest.

Watching Annabelle is like taking one of those haunted carnival rides or scary mazes at the county fair. It is heart-pumping fun!

Oh, one more important thing: I’m SO GLAD they didn’t go Chucky on Annabelle. Good call. Thank you for doing the right thing.

ENEMY (2014)

Enemy (2014)

This just fell straight into “movies with WTF ending” category a.k.a “HUH?? *sigh* hang on a second, let me Google the explanation”.

That being said, ENEMY has the craziest cryptid — I mean cryptic brain-twisting final shot a film enthusiast could not even see it coming.

OCULUS (2014)

Oculus (2014)

I thought Oculus would be your mediocre oh-look-a-cursed-mirror-let’s-kill-the-demon-inside kind of supernatural horror. Turned out it gave more than I expected. There’s a strong influence from Stephen King’s The Shining and 1408, as I see it. And I suppose that’s an enough hint to imagine the gist of the film.

There’s of course hit-and-miss. Liking the clever direction on the two storylines. Disliking the tacky ghosts and predictable jump scares.

If you’re in it for a fright, well, it ain’t Sinister, The Conjuring, or Insidious. But if you’re in for the smoke and mirrors, Oculus is a trip to a mind-bending labyrinth of delirium.

PS: I’ll be patiently waiting for the sequel. 😉

INSIDE [À l’intérieur] (2007)

Inside [À l'intérieur] (2007)

This is the worst movie a woman could ever watch. Actually, women, do not watch this. Unless you’re not planning to get pregnant ever then DO NOT WATCH THIS. I am dead serious.

Technicality-wise, the giallo feel is strong on this one. Never seen a modern horror using this style. So, it’s cool seeing it these days. Neat and effective. That doesn’t mean I am not scarred for life, though