IT (2017)

I don’t read the book, but I’m a huge fan of the 1990 adaptation and I can say this 2017 version is awesomely unsettling. Different kind of unsettling unlike when you watch supernatural horror with jump scares such as Conjuring/Insidious, this one is seeing your worst nightmares literally come to life. What I like most…


Last time I checked, Annabelle Creation was 98% on Rotten Tomatoes now down to 83%. I agree with the latter score. It’s not excellent, but it’s pretty great. Few of the scares look familiar from horrors like The Autopsy of Jane Doe and Paranormal Activity, so that comes off a little bit cliché. However, some…


This tragic thriller makes me so angry and sad at the same time. By the end of the film, you’ll wonder who the real antagonist is. It’ll be one of those stories to teach juveniles not to kid around with a seemingly “fun prank”.


Never had I thought Interstellar came with a prerequisite. While the gist of the story is pretty much straightforward and simple (yes, it is), the screenplay weighs too heavily on scientific terms and theories. It isn’t providing answers, just evoking more questions (typical Nolan). It is great to have rocket science in a movie, but…


Turns out Annabelle feels closer to Insidious than The Conjuring. What I love from this franchise is that it’s one of the few horrors that takes cinematography seriously! The camera work that is crucial to this scare jump-type of horror movie is just as effective as its predecessors. Basically, Annabelle uses the same scare formula…

ENEMY (2014)

This just fell straight into “movies with WTF ending” category a.k.a “HUH?? *sigh* hang on a second, let me Google the explanation”. That being said, ENEMY has the craziest cryptid — I mean cryptic brain-twisting final shot a film enthusiast could not even see it coming.

OCULUS (2014)

I thought Oculus would be your mediocre oh-look-a-cursed-mirror-let’s-kill-the-demon-inside kind of supernatural horror. Turned out it gave more than I expected. There’s a strong influence from Stephen King’s The Shining and 1408, as I see it. And I suppose that’s an enough hint to imagine the gist of the film. There’s of course hit-and-miss. Liking the…

INSIDE [À l’intérieur] (2007)

This is the worst movie a woman could ever watch. Actually, women, do not watch this. Unless you’re not planning to get pregnant ever then DO NOT WATCH THIS. I am dead serious. Technicality-wise, the giallo feel is strong on this one. Never seen a modern horror using this style. So, it’s cool seeing it these days….

12 ANGRY MEN (1957)

Who would’ve known watching 12 people arguing for hours over a murder would give you a cold sweat. A very well-executed, cleverly written locked room suspense.

IN FEAR (2014)

Though the claustrophobic terror was effective, In Fear took the wrong turn in terms of motives. It was still however, a suspenseful drive to despair.


“Play one wrong note and you die.” Well, isn’t that a huge pressure? I am blown away more than anything else by the fact that the dude is the smoothest multitasker on the planet.


The humanity and social issues are strong with this one. Came to see Snowpiercer with no expectation at all, had no slightest idea what the story would be, and hell I didn’t even know it’s futuristic. Maybe that’s why it’s so enjoyable. Ignorance is bliss. Of course it’s not without faults. In fact, there were…