I like how the 2nd installment is very character-driven, very personal. I feel that GotG does better character development than most superheroes movies. It’s a lot funnier than the first one too. Predictable one-liners, but they give me giggles just fine.

One thing though, the soundtracks are great but they feel forced to fit into many of the scenes. Unlike Vol. 1 that’s so memorable because it feels natural.

It’s still a helluva fun ride, that what matters.

SILENCE (2016)


“I feel so tempted. I feel so tempted to despair. I’m afraid, the wait of Your silence is terrible. I pray but I’m lost, or am I just praying to nothing? Nothing. Because You’re not there.”

SILENCE illustrates the spiritual dilemma and emotional struggle of belief and doubt. How far one could withstand suffering? How much sacrifice could one spare for the sake of their faith? Which by its definition is a thing only you can answer.

The cinematography is admirable beyond anything. Well-thought framing. Beautiful perspective shots. One of the main reasons I patiently waited for the film.

Ultimately, as Martin Scorsese defines it: “SILENCE is the story of a man who learns so painfully that God’s love is more mysterious than he knows, that He leaves much more to the ways of men than we realize, and that He is always present … even in His silence.”



“Any human being, no matter who they are or which side they’re on, if they need our help, it’s our duty to save them.”

The White Helmets is a group of voluntary rescue workers who put their lives on the line to save civilians between the rubbles of Syria.

I guess I understand why this won the Best Documentary Short Subject at the Oscars 2017. This documentary starts with heartbreak yet ends with hope.

A heartfelt display of selflessness, courage, and love in the havoc of war.

“I’m willing to sacrifice my soul for the sake of the people. This job is sacred.”



Kong Skull Island is glorious! I love the “banana for scale” dramatic shots. He’s as huge as those pillars in Halong Bay!

If you’ve seen the posters, it’s pretty much what the visual style looks like on film. I personally like it. Unlike Pacific Rim or Godzilla that I think is too dark you barely see anything, Kong Skull Island is brightly colored. Visually pleasing. Perhaps too heavy on the yellow tint but it looks different from most recent monster films so that’s an applause from me.

And thank goodness, no gorilla-woman romance whatsoever.

LA LA LAND (2016)


A charming romance dedicated to the dreamers fighting to follow their passion while paying nostalgic homage to Hollywood musicals of the Golden Age and the forgotten grace of classic jazz.

If you appreciate the beauty of filmmaking, La La Land is worth seeing for its mezmerising display of lights & colors, camera movement, set design, and costumes. Such a brilliant showcase of cinematic splendor.

ARRIVAL (2016)


I waited so long for this to arrive here only to be let down that it didn’t feel as “profound” as everyone said. At least to my experience.

With its own complexity, Arrival is a cerebral science fiction unlike the generic alien encounter stories out there. Sadly, the profoundness is too subtle for me to perceive just like in most Villeneuve works (Prisoners, Enemy). I can only comprehend the ideas on the surface, not the deep whatever philosophical concept Villeneuve trying to convey.

That being said, the movie was great and I was just lost in translation.